Where the wildlife are.

There are more than 60 mammal species living in Yellowstone.  The map below shows the most likely places to see the big mammals.  Print out a copy of Yellowstone National Park's pamphlet Mammels in the Park, which contains a wildlife map and checklist.  While touring the park, keep a lookout for wildlife and keep a safe distance.


What you see will vary with the weather, season, and behavior of the animals. You might see these and other animals in other places in the park, or you might not see any at all.


Have fun hiking and looking for wildlife.   Before hiking, come by the Bear Aware, LLC kiosk for your spray!

Map of Yellowstone Wildlife

Print a copy of the YNP mammal identification pamphlet:

Remember, wildlife is WILD!  If they feel threatened, they will attack.

Give them space, so you stay safe.