UDAP Pepper Power®

In 1992, Mark Matheny experienced first hand the power and speed of a grizzly bear when he was attacked by one.  Luckily, he sprayed the bear with law enforcement pepper spray and survived, but not before suffering debilitating injuries.  An attack like this is enough to change your life, and Mark is no exception. He had to figure out how to protect himself and stop an attack from happening again.  After doing a lot of research, Mark created a bear spray that is very powerful and a high-quality product.  People who use firearms to deter bear attacks are still getting injured.  Bear spray works differently.  It takes away the bear's keen senses and sends it running. 


Bear spray is 95% effective in stopping bear attacks whereas firearms are 55% effective.


BearAware proudly carries UDAP Pepper Power® as its preferred bear deterrant spray.  Pepper Power® is the only bear spray created by a bear attack survivor.





Please watch this video to learn why we exclusively carry Pepper Power®.



Also, please visit UDAP's website.

Please watch these videos to hear Mark's story and learn how to use

UDAP PepperPower® bear spray.   Also, please visit UDAP's website.